Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Daniel Sullivan

Produced by The Public Theater
Casting – Jordan Thaler, Heidi Griffiths

"The tattooed oaf Ajax (Alex Breaux) keeps in shape by lifting weights — Mr. Breaux’s Valley Boy inflections get some of the evening’s biggest laughs.”

…"Alex Breaux, recently seen off-Broadway as the dimwitted competitive swimmer in Red Speedo, is consistently amusing as the similarly buffoonish Greek warrior, Ajax.”

"Ajax, played by Alex Breaux as a dumb lunk, wrings comedy and pathos out of a determinedly un-comic character.”

"In a large cast, I especially enjoyed ... Alex Breaux as an aptly “cloddish” Ajax.”

"Alex Breaux, who plays Ajax, is developing a reputation for intelligent interpretations of dumb-shit characters — most recently, the morally compromised swimmer in Lucas Hnath's Red Speedo. Breaux finds ample humor, without an iota of comic shtick, in the shallows of Ajax's mind, character, and conduct.”